Varanasi Tour Planner Agency

varanasi nearest tourist places
Varanasi Nearest Tourist Places
November 3, 2018
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Buddhist Circuit Tour in India
November 9, 2018

Varanasi Tour Planner Agency

varanasi tour planner agency

Varanasi is the renowned sacred place of India which is visited by lots of people to witness the incredible glory and historical traces of epic. The river Ganges itself is known to be the holy river which washes away the sins of the whole life in a bath.

Every person of India must and should at least once visit Varanasi to feel the eternal glory of Indian culture and tradition closer to eyes. We Max tours and travels are the best travel agency of Varanasi and are in this field from several years with lots of experience with new visitors.

Work and service

We have highly experienced Varanasi travel agents who can give you all the required information for every place you visit. There are several tour packages available in our gallery from which you can choose a benefit option based on your time of travel.

We also help in pre-organizing tours from distant places in any time. You can contact us from the details provided in our official website or approach our agency by the address. We can also help you in getting restaurants or lodge for any price and also pick you up from the airport no matter whenever the flight or train approaches.

Being the best travel agency of Varanasi tours and travels we have all types of transportation services such as tempo, Minibus as well as boat and cruise rides. You just have to choose the transportation for your family and we will get all set in few moments with the whole plan of rides and time management of the whole day.

We have the list of historical places, temples as well as palaces, forts, and Ghats that should be visited by everyone after arriving in Varanasi. Vishwanath Swamy temple is also an attraction of Varanasi and is one of the major reasons of people visiting Varanasi.

We can arrange for you the visit to temples by our faster transportation services at any time of the day.


Our travel agency branch in Varanasi is established years ago and thus has a complete idea about each and every corner of Varanasi. We Max Tours and travels can provide you with a highly experienced guide who can not only interact with you but also give a brief information about every place you visit. Boat rides,

as well as cruise rides, can also be arranged by our guides as we own many of the private boats and have our associates in many of the sailors of Varanasi. We can help you in getting the boats as well as other means of transportation in quite an affordable price in your whole Varanasi travel.

We make sure of the perfect timings of the entire visits of the day for your convenience and comfort and also ideal timings to reach the lodge to rest. Max tours and travels are aimed at customer satisfaction and thus strive our best to give you enough memory and experience reached up to expectation before leaving Varanasi.

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