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Varanasi Tour & Travels

For the individuals who are on religious break from the typical city life, Varanasi is a without question a destination to retreat, meditate and spend the holiday listening the religious songs each morning and night. The devout ghats of river Ganges and the river itself help the guests to wash-off a lifetime of sins and repent. Also, the city is equally specked by several Hindu temples that are the virginal venues for worshipping. Some among these are likewise great reference points for the architects and students of history, as they have a place with the medieval period. Moreover, every temple in the city is a visual pleasure to the spectators.

Coming to the accommodation part, one thing that a visitor to the city can be sure of is content stay. There exists a huge range of lodgings in the city running from shabby inns in Varanasi to lavish inns. This gives one a lot of alternatives to look over and select the lodging that best suits his financial plan, needs and desires.

The sacred city of the country India, Varanasi is a city which is visited by people irrespective of the season. The oldest pilgrimage destination owes immense historical importance apart from numerous temples. This place holds a completely different religious aura unlike any other.

The beautiful city owes exceptional heritage and this is one holy city which is equally important in Buddhism and Jainism. There are innumerable ancient temples along with several stupas in the pilgrimage spot Varanasi along with a few natural attractions.

One can shop for the most renowned Banaras sarees which are highly popular and are part of the region. There are a lot of things to do in the spiritual destination and coming back without taking part makes the holiday incomplete.

Pick the best package and then bark on a spiritual holiday.

Transport Services

Flight timings can be late sometimes and some of them may drop you at less familiar destinations at those unearthly hours when finding a taxi can get troublesome. When you are setting out to an obscure city or nation, at that point it is constantly fitting to take the assistance of airport transfers service. This would give you the facility of a driver driven car to where you wish to go. It isn’t just advantageous yet in addition exempts you from any problem or inconvenience. For example, if you arrive at the airport late in the late hours of the night or right on time amid dawn, at that point you may think that it is difficult to search for an alternative type of transport. Such pre-organized transfer services work best to keep away from such situations.


The safe and secure transport system

Our car servicesbring you safe and secure transport system so that you can make full utilization of the facility while in or out of the town. The taxi servicewould incorporate dropping you to your lodging and furthermore picking you amid your return journey. In addition, if you wish for some additional services or custom services, at that point you can make a demand easily. Numerous individuals particularly the tourists and backpackers likewise make utilization of the service for touring and other travel-related purpose.

Taxis should be booked on spot, unless you approach prepaid taxi stalls. Regular Taxis are untrustworthy by and large, and frequently the driver may try to extract more cash out of you. You may not feel completely safe with him and he won’t try to listen to your personal requests. Then again, our taxi transfers are tried and true and can be banked upon completely. Security, wellbeing and faith are basic highlights of such services.

These services are controlled by proficient travel operators. In this way, there is no doubt or uncertainty about the quality and security which such transfers carry with them. You should simply guarantee that the organization or operator is a certified and prevalent one. You can easily make sense of that by having a short talk with the operator. You can likewise visit the site of these vehicle providers, find the list of services which they offer, and get in touch with them through email or phone.

Boat Riding

The best part of enjoying River Ganges is taking up a boat ride on the river. River Ganges gone through the city and there are various ghats that connect the river to the land. In every ghat, you can observe various boats holding up to be enlisted. Smaller ghats have lesser number of boats than popular ones. Boat rides are accessible from early morning until Ganges Aarti that happens by nightfall. The boat rides are costlier amid the dawn and nightfall.

You can procure traditional rowing boat which is controlled by a boatman. Up to six individuals can go in one paddle boat. A man is charged around 200 INR for an outing that extends for 90 to 120 minutes. Motorboat can carry more individuals. A motorboat costs 1500 INR for every outing. From July to August, the rainfall will be high and the current in the river will be stronger. It will take three boatmen to ride a traditional row boat and the fare will be higher.


When should you opt to visit?

Basically boat rides start really early in the morning and go on till sunset i.e. when the gaga arti commences. The peak prices are during sunset and sunrise because of the scenic view.


Availability of boats- Types

Part of the package you get a rowing boat along with a boat man. The boat is shared by 6 more travelers and the trip can last from an hour to two. Motorboats are also available but they are costlier. During rainy months the cost of boating goes up due rough weather conditions.


Facts to know before you jump in the boat:

  • Ride during the famous gangaartiis the most popular.
  • Boat ride along Kashi is another attraction
  • Ride to the market and palace sightseeing. You can find many halts on the path.
  • Carry mosquito repellants
  • Wear warm clothes for early morning rides or evening rides
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